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What to do when your ex comes back

Stick it to Him: Maybe letting go is the right thing to do, especially if you are unhappy. If he is really serious this time around, he should show you. Take it day by day and see if it is worth another go. I know, I know. What to do when your ex comes back

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  1. After you move on from someone, whether it be by choice or necessity, it might feel as though do overs do not exist and that, when it comes to the game of love, all is lost. Reflect on yourself and your situation and determine whether or not this relationship is bringing you down physically, mentally, or emotionally.

  2. Only then will you know for sure, with no regrets, if he is the right person for you to be with.

  3. That guy you thought about every night before you went to bed, the guy whose texts you obsessed over with your friends, the guy who made you the happiest girl in the world at some points, but unbelievably disappointed and lonely at others. Unfortunately, figuring out those rules can be especially tricky when Mr. Too Little Too Late comes running back, begging for a second chance.

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